A blessing

Zariya was born May 23rd and has earned a nickname of pretty girl while in the NICU. Most certainly her family including her half brother will continue to call her by her nickname at home. Zariya has Down syndrome and was born with a VSD, Ventricular Septal Defect. Which is a hole in the wall separating the two lower chambers of the heart. She may have to have surgery at some point. Because she was born six weeks early she really struggled with feeding from a bottle and being so uncoordinated that it took her some time to get the hang of it. But there’s nothing stopping her and she continues to make a lot of progress.

The wonderful social workers at the hospital where Zariya is located put her mom in contact with Eden’s Garden. We were able to support the family because of your generous donations. Keep them coming and we can continue to help more families like this one.