Separated twins

Addison and Scarlett’s parents drive over 100 miles every day to visit sweet Addison who is still in the NICU while her sister is home. This separation is so tremendously difficult on parents. The girls were born March 5th, Scarlett weighing 2 lbs 4.7 oz and Addison weighing 2 lbs 10.7 oz. 

The girls have endured so much during their NICU stay but Addison had a rougher start with a large heart defect, brain bleeds and respiratory issues. Addison had a VP shunt placed in her brain to drain fluid but she’s having a difficult time recovering.  She’s working on feeding, breathing and overall stability.  Scarlett is doing well at home and being entertained by her 6 year old sister. Mom is a firm believer in kangaroo care and holds the girls skin-to-skin almost daily.  This is so important for preemies and as Addison and Scarlett’s mom says “laundry can wait!”

Eden’s Garden is so blessed to help these munchkins and their family. We are hoping that Addison will be able to come home soon to join her family.  More and more families are finding Eden’s Garden and we are so happy to be able to help them. Your donations are so important and the only way to help these families.  Please make a donation today!