Mommy time for Shiann

Gastrochisis is a very scary defect in which the abdominal contents protrude from the baby’s belly.  Sweet Shiann was born January 13, 2014 with this defect.  This little one has been through surgery, multiple infections and feeding issues.  Her Mommy is always by her side because Shiann has happy days and very restless, difficult days.  Shiann takes comfort in her pacifer and she is quite the social butterfly.  She loves to sit in the hall in her swing because she wants love and attention from all the nurses! By far though her favorite activity is when her Mommy holds and talks to her.


This sweet little girl has been through so much that we can’t possibly cover all of it.  This family is on quite a journey in the NICU and Eden’s Garden is so grateful to help them. Please make a donation today so that we can help more families like Shiann and her Mom.