A little Violet for the spring

Sweet Violet was born weighing only 1 lb 5 oz. on February 17th.  She has been proving everyone wrong against all odds.  Her mom was very sick and in the hospital for many weeks but Violet stayed safe in her mommy’s tummy for as long as she could. Violet is struggling with peemie issues- breathing, eating, growing and developing but overall she is doing well.  Violet has three brothers and a sister who just can’t stand the excitement of her early arrival.  This family is juggling a busy household while trying to get their little one healthy enough to come home. 

Every family in the NICU is just trying to get through every day with only one thing on their minds- get my baby better and get home.  Violet has a house full of love to come home to but in the meantime Eden’s Garden is able to help with some everyday needs during their long journey.  Please donate so that we can continue to support these precious families.