Another twin story

Twenty-three weeks is too early for babies to be born.  Adrianne knew her babies were in grave danger when her healthcare providers diagnosed her with HELLP syndrome.  When HELLP syndrome overwhelms a pregnant mom, the only option to save everyone’s lives is delivery.  These tiny twins were born on 1/7/14 and this family knew their journey was just beginning.  Their precious little boy Rowan weighed only 12 ounces and was far too sick, he passed away shortly after birth.  His sweet sister is truly fighting for her life, Clare has already had heart surgery, blood transfusions and infections. She is gaining weight and learning to eat but she has a long road ahead.

Clare has a big sister at home patiently awaiting her arrival.  The entire family though is focusing on getting Clare better and ready to come home while grieving the loss of Rowan.  Eden’s Garden is honored to be able to help this family with some everyday needs during their long journey.  Please donate so that we can continue to support these precious families.