Little Nimi

This beautiful only child is a special little one. Nimi as her parents have nicknamed her was born on October 26 with a very low birth weight of only 1,010 grams. Nimi arrived a little too early at only 26 weeks with very immature lungs. Nimi still requires oxygen support but she’s making progress and gaining weight.  Her mom and dad are keeping their heads high and focusing on spending everyday- not missing one day with their special little girl.


This family has had challenges with transportation and getting to the NICU. Think of the worry and anxiety associated with trying to arrange transportation to the hospital to be with your sick infant.  Most of us simply walk out of our house and jump in our car and drive away. Nimi’s parents’ biggest request to Eden’s Garden was for transportation. Eden’s Garden was able to support this family by providing a means for them to pay for transportation so now they can spend their time and energy getting Nimi ready for her first holiday at home- if not Christmas or New Year’s, hopefully Valentine’s Day. Eden’s Garden provides this kind of support for these families in need. You can support Eden’s Gardens’ mission today too!

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