A peanut

Draven is a sweet little peanut that is giving his mom and dad a tremendous amount of joy this holiday. They want nothing than for him to grow big and strong so that they can all go home soon. He was born November 19, 2014 weighing in at 1 lb 10 oz. Since he came too soon at 23 weeks, he has struggled with breathing and lung development. He’s had bursts of steroids to develop his lungs. This little sweetie has also had two surgeries already in his short 4 weeks- the first for a perforated (hole) in his intestine on Thanksgiving Day and another last Friday to close a ventricle in his heart. Not to mention multiple blood transfusions and therapies. Draven is recovering well and is opening both his eyes. He loves to hold his Mommy’s finger and enjoys the interactions he has with his parents doing cares (temperature, diaper change, rotating his head, etc). His favorite way to sleep is with his hands by his face. Mommy and Daddy call him peanut because he’s so tiny.

Eden’s Garden was able to provide some necessities for this family so that their journey in the NICU is a little bit easier. Please support Eden’s Gardens mission to provide resources and support to families like Draven and his mom and dad.