Planting a flower. That's what the mom that Eden's Garden helped last week is planning to do with the flower pot that we put her gift inside. She said she wants to plant something pretty for Eden. This is so incredibly touching. As an organization our mission is to help families during their journey but also to honor the life of our sweet, beautiful Eden.

Eden's memory is still living on today even three years after she left us.

Caleb was born July 13th weighing only 1 lb 10 oz. He arrived way too early, nearly 15 weeks! Prognosis for these micro-preemies is usually not very good, but Caleb is at a great hospital and receiving the best possible care. Caleb had a rough start with an infection called Group B strep, breathing issues which required ventilation, bilateral hemorrhages in his brain and the need for blood transfusions. His month found it so painful to not be able to hold him for one month because of his fragile state. As a mother, this is one of the most difficult things- not being able to hold, cuddle and comfort your child.

Despite getting through that series of issues, Caleb had other struggles to overcome. He had a recurrent Group B strep infection which is extremely rare, Necrotizing enterocolitis and bilateral inguinal hernias. He is doing so much better now that his breathing support is under control and he is gaining weight.

Unfortunately during this difficult journey Caleb's family has also been in a life crisis. Caleb's mom is struggling to support her son and three daughters while her fiancé is ill. She has been struggling with paying bills and supporting her family.

Eden's Garden knew this was a family who would benefit from our support during this journey. With a Walmart gift card Caleb's mom was able to buy essential baby items for his upcoming discharge to home. These are items that she did not have budgeted because of her current situation. We are so blessed to be involved in these families lives during this difficult time. Eden's Garden is providing support now and in the future to these families and their amazing babies.

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