A little boy with heart

Eden’s Garden helped a little heart warrior this month.   Zachary was diagnosed in utero with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  HLHS is very scary and potentially fatal for babies.  Zachary has already endured so much in his lifetime- surgeries, procedures, medications and that’s just the beginning.  Zachary’s journey will continue after he is discharged from the hospital.  He will have to have a few more heart surgeries in his young childhood. 

Zachary is still inpatient and he is currently struggling with drainage from his chest tubes and getting his sedation under control.  His family is patiently waiting for him to come home but the daily roller-coaster of having a hospitalized baby is tremendously straining. His parents are always by his side a big sister is anxious to play with him at home.  Eden’s Garden is honored to be able to offer this special family a gift to make their journey just a little bit easier for the entire family.  

It’s with your support that Eden’s Garden can continue to help families like this one.  Please go to http://edensgardenmn.org/donate/ to donate today!  Thank you.

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