What are you doing?

What are you doing to be remembered? 

Eden’s Garden recently received a very special card.  It wasn’t from a friend or family member but rather from a stranger.  Someone who never met Eden or experienced her beautiful smile and shining eyes.  But this woman was so touched by the story of Eden and her journey that she felt like she needed to send a card and a donation to Eden’s Garden.  Below is the message that she sent:

“Dear Scott, Amanda and Reagan,

Enclosed is a check in honor of Reagan and in memory of Eden for their 3rd birthdays August 2nd.  We met you in June in Red Wing at the winery after your 3 flat tires and drove you to Cannon Falls to retrieve your car.  My friend J and I were moved by your story and your faith and I decided to recognize the girls’ birthday.

May you know God’s continued blessing as you remember Eden and the positive impact she is having for families in the NICU’s. 



These wonderful women listened to our story of Eden and felt so connected to her that they wanted to do something special.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have had Eden in our lives for nearly eight months but the truth is that her work is nowhere near done.  She will continue to touch lives for many more years.  Eden only spent eight months on this earth and she’s been gone for 29 months but in that time she has moved mountains and her light continues to shine. 

So ask yourself, what are you doing today to be remembered tomorrow?