Baby Steps 3K year 2!

Thank you so much to all of our family and friends who walked with us in the Baby Steps 3K on June 1st.   It turned out to be a beautiful morning with the sun shining and lots of adorable former preemies running around.  You would think kids love to see and meet the mascots right? Not ours- Reagan is terrified of mascots.  She becomes a clinging monkey if they even look at her.  She immediately wants to be held and go home.  Crazy girl.  Then once we go home she talks about how much she doesn't like mascots and asks constantly where they went.  So Ronald McDonald, TC Bear, Goldy Gopher they all go home.  

The party was fun and we were able to reconnect with lots of friends and care givers.  This is a great event and we are so blessed to have supportive loving people in our lives and involved with Eden's Garden.  So thank you again.