Helping families through their journey

Eden’s Garden is proud to serve our first official family going through the journey in the NICU.  Little Nalia was born 1/25/13 at 34 weeks gestation.  She is a fighter through and through and is blessed to be here today.  Nalia’s mom Ashley found out at 19 weeks that her little sweetie had a complex heart defect including an unbalanced atrioventricular septal defect with dextrocardia.  Both of these defects are very serious and Ashley was told that it wasn’t certain that Nalia would make it to birth.  Nalia is two months old now and her journey is far from over.  She is making progress but her family is still on the journey of a lifetime.  Because of this difficult road Eden’s Garden is so excited to offer a gift to make this journey just a little bit easier for the entire family.  Thank you for your donations for helping amazing families and little fighters like Nalia. 

Nalia P.jpg