We're still reveling in the success of our first Eden's Garden fundraiser and we can't thank you, our generous sponsors and donors enough.  We are thrilled to be able to help many more families going through the journey in the NICU. 

I recently joined a great gym with some great people, Cross Fit Rigor in Blaine.  The workouts are intense and push my every ability but the people are incredible.  They are inspiring, supportive and talented.  One of my fellow Cross fitters generously offered his time and talents to take photos at Wine in the Garden 2013.  Willipino did an excellent job capturing special moments at our event and he is working on the videos from the evening as well.  Please check out his Facebook page here!

Also, see more photos from the evening here  !

Thank you Willipino for capturing this amazing evening and for pushing me through those nasty burpees.